The Business Case for Hiring Veterans

Over the last few years, we have seen the unemployment rate for veterans decrease significantly. More and more companies have identified military veterans as a fantastic pool of potential employees,

and this is especially important as we enter a period in America where more job opportunities exist than people to fill them. That being said, it is critical for employers to truly understand the business case for hiring veterans, and to make their own individual determinations as to what backgrounds they are looking for in their veteran candidates, why they are hiring them, and what steps they will take to increase retention.

As a general matter, veterans are entering the workforce with a wide variety of skills and abilities and varying amounts of time in the military. They have also all benefited from some of the most advanced training in the world, having learned skills and values such as leadership, mission accomplishment, teamwork, and integrity. They have all learned how to be responsible for others, whether for a few at the lowest levels of responsibility or up to hundreds or thousands of others at a time. They have been entrusted to make critical decisions and find creative solutions to unforeseen obstacles, often in the most austere environments.

This training starts at the very beginning of their time in the military. Civilians may think that boot camp is simply a torturous period designed to weed out those who may not succeed in the military, but that is far from the truth. It is during this initial basic training that new recruits start to learn the valuable skills of teamwork, leadership, and discipline that will be the backbone of their experience in the military. All service members share this core skill set, and they continue to develop it as they are promoted through the ranks, where they embrace more responsibility and attend a wider variety of schools and training. This only crystallizes more when serving in challenging operational environments that require incredible initiative and fortitude.

Veterans have all benefited from some of the most advanced training in the world, having learned skills and values such as leadership, mission accomplishment, teamwork, and integrity

Top Reasons Companies Hire Veterans, According to the Center For a New American Security (CNAS)1

  • Veterans have leadership and teamwork skills that companies value.
  • Veterans’ character makes them good employees.
  • Veterans are disciplined, follow processes well, and operate safely.
  • Veterans have expertise that companies seek.
  • Veterans adapt and perform well in dynamic environments.
  •  Veterans are effective employees.
  • Hiring veterans is the “right thing to do.”
  • Other veterans in the organization have been successful.
  •  Veterans are resilient.
  •  Veterans are loyal to their organizations.
  •  Hiring veterans carry public relations benefits.

When we talk about one of today’s veterans, we are talking about someone who signed a blank check to our country saying that they were prepared to pay whatever price necessary to ensure our way of life here at home. Some veterans have never deployed, while others may have deployed many times. Some veterans might have been trained in the toughest possible environments, but are now looking for careers that take advantage of their other skills and abilities.

You want operational experience and someone you can trust? You want someone encouraged to take the initiative, but who also fully believes in the value of teamwork? You want someone who believes in a merit-based promotion and has been entrusted to make critical decisions in the blink of an eye? Look no further.

Often, companies hire veterans out of a sense of patriotism or social responsibility, or for the public relations value of doing so. But veterans are not looking for pity or tokenism. A far more compelling reason is that hiring veterans can positively affect your bottom line and benefit your company in meaningful ways.

Simply said, it makes good business sense to hire veterans. Companies that already do so uniformly speak positively about this strategy, and the veterans often turn into leaders at those companies. Their loyalty, teamwork, initiative, respect, and leadership truly enable them to bring great value to the private sector. If you are ready to start hiring veterans and want to benefit from the fastest growing veteran employment platform in the country, come visit us at

1 Margaret C. Harrell and Nancy Berglass, Employing America’s Veterans: Perspectives from Businesses (Washington, DC: Center for New American Security, 2012),