Mission and Vision of Empire Vets

Empire Vets is a community collaborative and “outside the beltway” platform designed to provide the ultimate soft landing for veterans moving to or coming home to the greater New York City area. Our primary focus will be on transition, networking and employment for veterans and their family members by bringing together the businesses, universities, nonprofit organizations and government agencies in New York that each support veterans in these main areas.

Utilizing JobPath’s unparalleled veteran employment engine, we provide a modern and impactful way for companies to share job opportunities, mentor veterans, and provide transition services to veterans and their family members. Organizations will also be able to use cutting edge technology to share resumes of different applicants with each other to greater increase the chances of jobseekers landing new careers in New York. Veterans coming to New York will be able to access our platform at no cost and will be able to search through tens of thousands of jobs available exclusively in New York. We also include an interactive community calendar, blogging opportunities and quarterly meetings in order to greatly amplify the communal knowledge about resources and opportunities for veterans and family members in our area.

Empire Vets is open to any individual or organization that desires to help veterans with transition and employment, and also to any service members, veterans and military/veteran spouses who may need assistance related to employment and their careers.